Highly realistic, modular, high-fidelity airway trainers

7-SIGMA Simulation Systems understands the best healthcare treatment begins with comprehensive, realistic intubation training so we have developed modular airway skills trainers that are designed with the latest technology and innovative polymers to provide a proven platform for airway management training. 7-SIGMA airway trainers deliver high-fidelity and realistic movements mimicking a real patient, allowing for successful intubation training on a cost-effective solution. Better training results equal superior patient care.

7-SIGMA airway trainers offer an unparalleled level of fidelity and realism to match Echo Healthcare’s robust product portfolio focused on high realism and durability. Their unique, modular design allows you to easily change out airway types, face skins and pathologies to train learners of all levels in a variety of scenarios. With a range of full torso and partial airway skills trainers in a variety of ages, skin tones and available pathologies, Echo Healthcare is pleased to offer a full line of task trainers focused on realistic intubation and airway management training!

Highly Realistic

7-SIGMA uses expert engineers, clinicians and artists to create all airway trainers and components in a repeatable and reliable manner, allowing for superior quality. 7S3 airway trainers are developed with anatomical accuracy, tissue mechanical response and haptic feedback. The appearance and texture is highly realistic and the airway anatomy and intubation response is clinically accurate.

Unique Modular Design for Easy Swapping of Airways and Patient Profile

7-SIGMA’s unique modular design allows you to easily remove and swap out airway types, face skins and pathologies to train learners of all levels in a variety of scenarios for your training program! Easy to clean, interchange and replace parts. No tools required!


With over 40 years of experience in material selection and precision manufacturing, the 7-SIGMA polymers, components and assemblies used in each product allow for realistic and durable medical training products. Backed by Echo Healthcare and 7-SIGMA’s warranties, you are certain to achieve exceptional use with 7-SIGMA products.


An entire team of clinicians, scientists, engineers, artists, technicians and customer service from Echo Healthcare and 7-SIGMA work together to ensure a positive client experience every step of the way and following your purchase.