iRIS scenario design system by Echo Healthcare

iRIS Scenario Design System

iRIS is an exceptional scenario design system for healthcare education and training. iRIS saves time and money by providing a single software solution to design, run, manage and standardize simulation scenarios for all of your simulator platforms. The ability to collaborate seamlessly with colleagues makes projects a breeze.

Choose from over 1,000 validated scenarios using the FairShare library provided with iRIS or easily create your own using the guided wizard. Simplify and accelerate your scenario design process with iRIS!

How Can iRIS Help My Workflow?

iRIS Scenario Design Software by Echo Healthcare
iRIS Scenario Design Software by Echo Healthcare
iRIS Scenario Design Software by Echo Healthcare

One Software for ALL Vendor Platforms

iRIS’ intuitive and collaborative scenario design software is simulator and manikin-agnostic, allowing users to develop simulation scenarios to be ran on all of their vendor platforms. We understand most simulation centers use a variety of manikin types and therefore make it easy for you to design, run, manage and standardize all of your simulation scenarios within one user-friendly software platform. iRIS also integrates with Echo Healthcare’s iSimulate and Immersive Interactive products!

Library of 1,000+ Scenarios

We understand purchasing vendor-specific packaged scenarios can be costly. iRIS provides you with an extensive library of over 1,000 FairShare scenarios developed worldwide and allows you to share scenarios within your organization, across networks and institutions with other iRIS users. No sense in reinventing the wheel – access 1,000’s of available scenarios with iRIS!

iRIS Scenario Design Software by Echo Healthcare
iRIS Scenario Design Software by Echo Healthcare

Saves Time & Money

iRIS provides a library of over 1,000 shared scenarios and the ability to easily create your own scenarios using a guided scenario creation tool designed for beginners and experienced simulation users of all levels. This reduces onboarding time, saves time circulating scenario documents for input and saves money. No need to purchase simulator-specific scenario packages at a premium!

Built-In Standards of Best Practice

iRIS allows you to map courses and scenarios to any framework. The scenario design wizard has built-in best practices from leading societies with tips, guides and checks provided throughout the process. Enjoy the piece of mind that your simulation scenarios will be of the highest quality with iRIS!

iRIS Scenario Design Software by Echo Healthcare

How Our Customers Feel

“We went from a hodge-podge, trying to set up our sims to a fully standardized approach with a process. iRIS meant we went from 20% to 100% of the undergraduate curriculum using simulation. ”

Dr. James Cleveland, Director of the Center for Simulation Innovation at Texas State University

“iRIS has transformed our scenario design, set-up and run on SimMan® and iSimulate. Multi-site control is now easy and simulation education and patient care are enhanced.”

Cheryl Muir, Lead Educator - Commissioned Education & Quality at University Hospitals Birmingham

“Using iRIS is the gold standard of simulation preparation. iRIS has given us an evidence-based structure to design, develop and deliver high quality simulation for our students. Our use of iRIS was integral to us gaining INACSL endorsement for our institution.”

Amanda Wilford, Senior Lecturer at Staffordshire University

“Thanks to iRIS we have achieved equity of access, sharing and collaboration and governance of high quality scenarios across the region. iRIS has stopped us from re-inventing the wheel.”

Dr. David Grant, Past President SESAM, Medical & Interprofessional Simulation Lead at The University of Bristol

“We have 14 hospitals and 92 Nurse Educators. iRIS makes it possible for them to figure out scenarios together. The beauty of iRIS is that it is a wizard and we’re all used to that. With simple clicks you align with the standards of best practice.”

Dr. Kim Leighton, Executive Director of ITQAN Clinical Simulation & Innovation Center