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Enhancing education and training with interactive and engaging virtual learning environments.

Echo Healthcare’s Immersive Interactive system is the leading product for creating unique and engaging virtual learning environments across all settings.

Immersive Interactive transforms classrooms, simulation spaces and even mobile units into fully immersive spaces that provide a realistic and safe education and training environment for your faculty and learners.

You no longer have to suspend disbelief – the system provides the unique ability to turn a single room or multiple rooms into thousands of unique settings to run your simulation scenarios or deliver didactic content to your learners. And because our system does not require the use of googles or headsets, your faculty and learners can engage in the immersive space in a group learning environment and run multi-disciplinary scenarios!

With hundreds of installations worldwide, Immersive Interactive remains a global leader and provider of interactive classrooms and virtual simulation spaces for all specialties and industries.

Immersive Interactive Features

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Echo Healthcare's Immersive Interactive room with a Lifecast Manikin

Fully Interactive & Immersive Spaces for Collaborative Learning.

Immersive Interactive transforms your classrooms, simulation space and mobile units into a fully interactive and immersive learning environment. This engaging environment allows your learners to interact with the walls and floors through site, sounds, smell and touch allowing them to truly feel that they are in that virtual environment. Immersive Interactive integrates cutting edge technology to make traditional education and training more interactive, fun and retainable for learners and is applicable for any program or specialty.

You no longer have to suspend disbelief! Immersive Interactive provides the unique ability to transform a single room or multiple rooms into thousands of realistic settings to run simulation scenarios and deliver any educational content for any program in an interactive way. Take your learners places they cannot physically go! Put them in realistic and safe environments! Allow them to learn in a fun, engaging and retainable way!

This is Immersive Interactive.

Virtual Worlds. Shared Experiences. Limitless Content.

Immersive Interactive transforms your classrooms and simulation spaces into fully interactive and engaging virtual worlds! Designed by educators for educators, our system includes an intuitive software platform with curriculum-based content across many programs and specialties that is carefully developed and regularly updated. Immersive interactive does not require the use of goggles or headsets so interdisciplinary and group learning is welcomed and encouraged!

Within Immersive Interactive’s user-friendly software, Immersive Studio, you can easily navigate and change your virtual content with the touch of a few tablet buttons. You can choose from thousands of pre-loaded virtual learning environments, engaging exercises, didactic content and much more. Immersive Studio also allows you to easily integrate your own localized content and share it amongst a robust user base! With Immersive Interactive’s provided 360-degree camera, you can easily record and upload your own local backgrounds, scenes, x-rays, lab reports, quizzes and any content tailoring it to your programs’ exact training needs!

Echo Healthcare's Immersive Interactive software
Echo Healthcare's Immersive Interactive Installation team

A Complete Solution Tailored to Your Space.

Echo Healthcare provides a complete 360-degree solution from initial planning conversations to site survey and implementing your immersive education environment and complete with lifetime training and support. Our expert team will assist you in selecting, preparing and building your interactive room(s) to accommodate the space or mobile environment at your facility. Immersive Interactive can be scaled to a single room, double wide room(s), multiple rooms and mobile training spaces and includes all hardware, software, installation and faculty training.