Echo Healthcare Products

Echo Healthcare's Lifecast Baby Manikin

Lifecast Body Simulation

Revolutionize medical training with highly realistic manikins. These lifelike models transform medical education by offering diverse ages and ethnicities, enhancing immersive medical simulation experiences.

Echo Healthcare's Immersive Interactive room with a Lifecast Manikin

Immersive Interactive

Immersive Interactive transforms classrooms, simulation spaces and even mobile units into fully immersive spaces that provide a realistic and safe education and training environment for your faculty and learners.


Improve simulator fidelity and enhance realism for learners. Transform plain manikins into lifelike patients, preserving simulator investment without sacrificing mechanical accuracy. Elevate medical training experiences with EchoMask.


The world’s first simulated human skin suit, designed to dramatically transform and re-skin human patient simulators. It effortlessly changes a patient simulator’s age, gender, and ethnicity, increasing diversity and realism in simulation training.

Echo Healthcare's SimLeader ERBox Ambulance Simulator

Emergency Simulation

Advanced tools and solutions to help create and implement new training options and interactive learning activities that will help validate and consolidate new skills, while also testing the behaviors and attitudes related to specific real-life scenarios.

Echo Complete

Echo Complete: the pioneer in all-inclusive simulation. Immersive tech-driven classrooms blend lifelike manikins, monitoring, sounds for optimal learning. Unleash realistic, hands-on education and boosted retention with Echo Complete.

MeLiSA Services

MeLiSA: Master Level Service Agreement by Echo Healthcare. Simplifying complex equipment support, we unify multiple vendors under one program. Swift, effective technical aid to minimize downtime and ensure operational continuity.