(Sarasota, Florida) – Echo Healthcare, Inc. a global leader in highly realistic simulation training solutions and a worldwide leader in immersive spaces and educational software announced today an exciting addition to their encompassing product portfolio – e Sono Ultrasound Simulation.

e Sono is an innovative cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) ultrasound simulator. It is designed to empower medical and sonography students, as well as clinicians of all experience levels, to enhance their ultrasound skills. With e Sono, you can learn and practice from any device with an internet connection, without the need for additional hardware. e Sono features a comprehensive library of over 600 real ultrasound scans, both pathology and non-pathology, sourced from actual patients. The platform provides seamless access for both educators and learners.

The addition of e Sono’s highly realistic ultrasound simulation software enhances Echo Healthcare’s position at forefront of healthcare education and increases the ability to drive their overall mission: to help improve outcomes through innovation, education and technology. Customers now have the ability to integrate highly realistic digital ultrasound training into their curriculum to complement hands-on lab time. Educators have the flexibility to create customized content, new exercises and leverage the extensive scan volumes to support their curriculum and training needs, all while tracking learner progress within a user-friendly software platform. e Sono stores results from all submitted exercises, streamlining the evaluation process for instructors and saving time.

e Sono provides robust learning functionality to students and practicing clinicians alike. Learners can practice probe positioning and enhance hand-eye coordination, navigate through real ultrasound volumes as if they are with a real patient and receive immediate feedback on each exercise while training anytime and anywhere.

“We are thrilled to begin offering e Sono’s ultrasound simulation solution as a compliment to our diverse product portfolio for customers to enhance their ultrasound training. As a global leader in medical simulation solutions with a strong focus on realism and quality, we continue to provide the best training products that encourage the best outcomes for all healthcare specialties. With the addition of e Sono, our customers will now have the ability to train using the most realistic ultrasound simulation training solution that is backed by the highest level of quality and support they’ve come to expect from Echo Healthcare,” says Kevin King, CEO of Echo Healthcare.

Contact Echo Healthcare today for more information on e Sono at salessupport@echosimulation.com or +1 877-393-0499.