Sarasota, FLEcho Healthcare Inc., a global leader in high-reality simulation, disrupts the healthcare simulation industry once again with the announcement of SecondSkin. Designed to dramatically transform human patient simulators, SecondSkin provides a high level of realism and diversity that has never been seen before.

Designed to be fitted over top of existing patient simulators, SecondSkin allows for the functionality and full range of motion of the simulator it is outfitted for. Created from scans of real human beings, SecondSkin provides extreme realism, down to the finite physical and anatomical details of an actual human. SecondSkin effortlessly changes a patient simulator’s age, gender, and ethnicity, increasing diversity in simulation training.

“The suspension of disbelief that we believe is so critical in healthcare simulation has driven us towards innovation. Today I am proud to announce SecondSkin. SecondSkin delivers an unmatched level of realism in the industry. SecondSkin is a project we have been incredibly passionate about. Everything we do is guided by our mission to help save lives and improve patient outcomes. Increasing diversity in healthcare simulation is one way we are doing that. Most patient simulators being used in training are Caucasian middle-aged males. With SecondSkin, you can now train your learners on patient simulators that represent the population they serve. Everyone deserves to be represented in healthcare simulation,” said Kevin King, CEO of Echo Healthcare.